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Do you want your career in Real Estate to fly, are you self-motivated and driven to grow your business and financial security?  Then Armer Properties is for you.

Your office is you!

We are aligned with Microsoft 365 Business, this means that your office travels with you.  Every document, letter, email or contact that you need is at your fingertips.  NO wasted time, NO lost income!

Brand Power

We are an established brand, easily recognisable for our distinctive logo and our powerful slogan of “Thinking outside the Box”.  Our branding puts us ahead of the crowd and ensures that we are the Ultimate Property Solution.

One Company, One Solution

We cover Rentals, Sales, Auctions and everything from Urban to Country Living; when you are part of our team, your earning potential draws from all of these pots.  We also support you with a dedicated Bond Originator for Pre-qualifications and Bond Applications, our conversion rate means secure deals for you. Dedicated Transaction Co-ordination keeps your transaction on track and money in your pocket on time every time!  Our 3rd Party partnerships mean loyalty, integrity and superior service, keeping clients and transactions happily powering to registration.

Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Planned marketing and feedback ensures the best statistics and relationship building with clients. We are proud to say that our clients return to us again and again.  Repeat Business is easy business!

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